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Lithuania for India
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Declaration Establishing the Lithuanian – Indian Forum

Having successfully overcome the challenges of the 20th century, Lithuania is now a sovereign democratic country governed by the principles of the rule of law and a full-fledged member of the European Union and NATO. The 21st century, marked by the gradual shift of the centre of the world politics and economy towards Asia, has created new opportunities and tasks for Lithuania, including the needs to engage and work with the new partners in Asia on a daily basis, tackle global issues, expand contacts with the Asian countries, and deepen the knowledge of the rich cultural diversity of the Asian continent.


Currently, India’s impact on global processes as well as on Lithuania’s society and economy is gradually growing. The rapid economic growth of India unlocks new opportunities for Lithuanian business, education, and culture. The global community is rediscovering India’s rich age-old cultural traditions. India is also one of the strategic partners of the European Union and this partnership opens up new ways to Lithuania and its people.


Lithuania was always keenly interested in Indian culture that was source of inspiration for the Lithuanian architects of freedom and nationhood as early as the middle of the 19th century and offered the sense of spiritual freedom to the oppressed Lithuanian people. “The Indian wisdom illuminates the mankind and has done so for centuries”, the famous Lithuanian writer Vydūnas wrote in the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, the modern Lithuanian society’s interest in India is particularly intense.


The signatories of the Declaration have decided to establish the public Lithuanian – Indian Forum in order to expand the Lithuanian – Indian dialogue in view of the experience of Lithuania’s engagement with India, the spiritual and cultural commonalities between the two countries, good will, and infinite potential. The objectives of the Forum shall be as follows:

  1. Unite individuals and organizations connected to India through their professional activities or personal interests;
  2. Exchange information, share experience of engagement and cooperation with India, and deepen the knowledge of India;
  3. Initiate projects promoting relations with India;
  4. Encourage more active relations between Lithuanian and Indian entrepreneurs;
  5. Promote the links of Lithuanian artists, scientists, and journalists with India;
  6. Ensure constructive dialogue with the Lithuanian public institutions and NGOs in order to establish the priorities of the Lithuanian – Indian relations in the areas of economy, culture, art, and education;
  7. Seek to shape a fair image of the Republic of Lithuania in India and an objective image of India in Lithuania;
  8. Identify and unite the friends of Lithuania in India.


The Declaration was signed by the members of the Founding Group of the Lithuanian – Indian Forum on 15 September 2010 in Vilnius: